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Player: Laena
Canon: Tales of Xillia 2
Canon Point: post chapter 15
Alignment: Piphron
Date of Entry: 8/01/2014
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Real Name: Alfred vint Svent
Age: 27 28 29
Birthday: Unknown (headcanon: May 21)
Eye Color: Orange brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Height: 182cm (6 feet)
Amulet: Link (he's completed two, one for Dai and one for Pip; it should be blue now)
Appearance: Basically. Though in Empatheias, he may have to switch his wardrobe to look less modern business and fit in more with the steampunk style. He is definitely changing clothes for when he goes out to those monster hunting jobs. He will more likely look like how he used to with the trench coats and rugged shirts, pants, and boots. It might not be the exact same as his old wardrobe, but it'll be pretty damn similar.
Contact: [plurk.com profile] laenavesse

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Oct. 2nd, 2024 02:52 pm
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A slight heads up for those perusing this journal. This is Alvin from Tales of Xillia 2, which is set one year from the original game, Tales of Xillia. Alvin is a main character from both games, and he does develop quite a bit from one to the other.

I also played his original version, and thus I'll be referencing/duplicating a lot of information I had from his previous journal, [personal profile] selfmotivations. So if something looks familiar, that's why! (Like hell am I going to rewrite everything /cough.) I'm bringing over a lot of his old stuff because it's not like Alvin ditched his past—he just expands and develops from it. So the best way to understand his current self is to also refer back to how he used to be.

Now with all of that out of way, if you have any critique or suggestions as to how I play him, please tell me! Especially tell me if he's starting to slant more to his old self. Until I've fully settled into his (sort of) new voice, that's a high possibility. In addition, I play and refer to the English version, which may influence how he's portrayed. For instance in the first game, the overall atmosphere was a lot lighter and more humorous than it was in the original Japanese version. Not sure if that applies for the sequel, but it's still possible. I'm also aware of most of the backstory novels, Alvin's Chronicles, but not everything. So if something I'm headcanoning for backstory is factually wrong, let me know so I can fix and retcon it!

Additional contact:
[plurk.com profile] laenavesse
[personal profile] laenavesse
AIM: Laenavesse

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Alvin will have acquired his own little carrier pigeon to send messages, so he'll have one stationed at the main carrier pigeon place that will come and find him.

In the meanwhile, this is the entry for any private messages that are delivered via the carrier pigeon system.
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"From the Hearth" is a small restaurant run and owned by Alvin and Fractured Milla Maxwell ([personal profile] descendend). Alvin handles the business side while Milla handles everything involving with the meals. Their "specialty" is creating meals based on other worlds, and the "goal" of the restaurant is to give everyone not only a taste of everyone's world, but to give them a little reminder, as well. In addition, it should help promote the different cultures to the locals and further help keep relations on the friendly side. (After all, what better way to get to know your neighbor than by dishing up good food?)

For a look at the menu, refer to here. Occasionally will use [personal profile] fromthehearth for events (otherwise my inbox would explode).

In addition, Alvin is keeping Jane Maxwell's spirit alive by continuing and hosting a donation box for any donations to go toward new arrivals. Help your new neighbor get their footing by donating a few sylvs or items today!

(rough idea of how it looks on the inside, just alter it with some more rustic elements to it)

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Today marks the end of Alvin's stay in Empatheias, and I wanted to write a bit about how he's developed. I'd insert links to kind of "fluff" it out, but too lazy, lol. Instead, enjoy the rambling as I hit on the highlights.


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All the links to Alvin's activity with brief summaries to also help me remember what the heck he's learned because hell if I can ever remember off the top of my head. I canon updated him in October, so the months in brown are X1 Alvin ([personal profile] selfmotivations) while the rest in blue are X2 Alvin.

Alvin joined [community profile] empatheias on August 1, 2014.

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Top part is for castmates, second part is for everyone else, and then there's a comment list at of characters who have dropped. They're not in any particular order and this is mostly just a quick reference.

Alvin tags around a lot so not everyone he meets will be initially on here. I also don't want to make too many presumptions, haha... If you'd like to be part of the list or think you should be, just comment and let me know! I'll be happy to add you in :D

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Tales of Xillia 2 only.

All right, so we have his original ToX1 background history all dumped here. What you'll find below the cuts are points specific to Alvin. Thus kind of a blitz through of the main game (I really skimped on some important details, not going to lie), and then more details regarding his actual character chapters.

Needless to say SPOILERS.

the time in-between
the time in-between )

main story
main story )

In Alvin's character chapters, each one focuses on his struggle to try and be a decent guy and the tension between him and Yurgen, the latter being a more honest and somewhat naive man when it comes to the world of business. Alvin understands the system and the underhandedness that goes on, but Yurgen does not. The chapters also touch on his past and his betrayals, especially in the fractured dimensions. Since each one relates to what happens to chapter previously, I'll go in chronological order and talk a little about each chapter.

alvin: chapter one
alvin: chapter one )

alvin: chapter two
alvin: chapter two )

alvin: chapter three
alvin: chapter three )

alvin: chapter four
alvin: chapter four )

alvin: chapter five
alvin: chapter five )

with leia
with leia )

why alvin is a merchant
why alvin is a merchant )
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Here is what I had written for Alvin from the first Tales of Xillia. If you want to fully understand Alvin and his development, this will be a really good reference point. Er, sort of. I mean it's my own analysis, so it's more like a better way to understand where I started from and how I brought him to where he is now...? Gah, I think you know what I mean. Needless to say, spoilers.

Alvin's personality is a very complicated matter filled with many layers that were a result of many different things that happened in his past. It is also a rather...delicate thing right now because he is in a kind of transition of where he wants to leave his old ways behind and better himself. But to understand what he wants to change into and why, we have to start from how he was.

before )

after )

neutral areas
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Tales of Xillia 1 only.

EVERYTHING I CAN FIND ABOUT ALVIN VIA IN-GAME with some little bits I was told about in regards to his backstory. But when I say everything I mean everything. This is basically a giant walkthrough since Alvin had his hands in everything. Spoilers contained below, particularly from Chapter 2 on toward the end.

Disclaimer: To anyone reading this, the only reason why I'm going into such detail (probably more than someone who was apping even Jude or Milla, the actual main characters of the game) is because Alvin is so involved in the story. Things are hinted at early on, but it's clear toward the latter half of the game that everything he does has a double meaning. And unfortunately, for Alvin the devil is in the details. Things that I could normally easily brush over have to actually be specifically mentioned for all the context to be made clear. He is also very well informed, so having all this down helps me as the player to ensure that I have a good solid reference to go back to.

(!) are cue markers indicating parts that are later explained. ie, there's more to this point than meets the eye. Most of these are found in Chapters 1 and the first part of Chapter 2, with the latter half of 2, 3, 4, and the extra section explaining them.

prologue )

chapter one
chapter one )

chapter two
chapter two )

chapter three
chapter three )

chapter four
chapter four )

backstory expanded
backstory expanded )
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These are referenced in the background history, but I decided to take these specific subevents out for easier reference. Note: These are the extra subevents, not the main ones.

Subevents )
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All of the skits I thought pertinent to Alvin. This isn't a dialogue transcript and more of a summary, but they come pretty close. Needless to say, spoilers.

Skits )
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All his artes. Mostly for my own personal reference to help write the tags.

note on abilities
Alvin is a tank. He is strong as well as dexterous. In fact he's ambidextrous as he wields a gun in his left hand (main hand) and a large broadsword in his right. Since he packs a punch, he's great for going through tough guards. He also has a special skill called "Charge." He'll combine his weapons and basically amp their power. This will alter his attack to a more powerful one. He can continually stack these charges. He also can perform Linked Artes with the rest of the Xillia team...but I'm not going to list those unless I actually have a cast (and I'll probably put them down in the comments).


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[ novels ]

Oct. 2nd, 2014 03:03 pm
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Alvin's Chronicles
chapter one )


chapter two )


chapter three )


chapter four )

Presa's Story: Visions of Days Gone By
Presa's short story: Visions of Days Gone Bye )

through all these years

at times you felt like a ghost
but you were here
when i needed you most
i don't know much
but i know
you are always somewhere
you're still a part of me

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